Refrigeration Technician

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Milford, DE
$26.00 - $27.00
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Direct Hire
Equivalent Experience
Oct 29, 2018
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DUTIES:  This position is responsible for safe operation of ammonia refrigeration systems and related equipment.  Specific duties include:
  • Install, operate, repair and maintain all types of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems
  • Make repairs as required by work orders
  • Safely isolate and pump down any section of all systems
  • Must be able to perform line opening procedures
  • Must be able to direct and train operators
  • Perform tasks as assigned by management.
REQUIREMENTS:  Successful candidate will have a High School Diploma or GED and completed training in a technical school for Refrigeration plus at least 3 + years of experience in Industrial Refrigeration.  Specific requirements
• Must be qualified to receive or transfer ammonia in all plant systems
  • Must be qualified to do routine maintenance on Ammonia compressors, air compressors, ammonia liquid pumps, ammonia system controls, refrigeration system condensers, air system drying equipment and air system controls
  • Must have a clear understanding of refrigerant expansion with pressure temperature variables
  • Good client/customer service skills
  • Must be available to work overtime (including weekends) to perform Preventative Maintenance tasks during down time.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks
  • Ability to work effectively with a team
  • Ability to work independently as needed to support the group effort.


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